28 January 2013

Gender Reveal Party

So, ever since Pinterest became everyone's  my obsession its clear to say when I saw the ideas of a gender reveal party I knew I would be all over this. 
So the day I found out I was preggers and after I wasn't freaking out anymore it was the first thing I told the hubs that was a MUST DO! His reaction "oh great a lame ass party, but I'll do it for you." 
Why thank you honey but there's a couple reasons why I want to do this. 
Mainly, because I like the idea of having a party for fun and two because it's going to be so much easier than calling the whole world family and tell them what we are having. 
Plus I want to see the look on their faces. :) 

So, here are some ideas I've seen floating around pinterest that I love. 
But we are having the party at our fro-yo shop because that way I don't have to pay for a whole bunch of snacks and drinks and have to deal with the leftovers. Although on second thought that might not be a bad idea to have leftover cupcakes! :) 
 We aren't getting crazy with the decorations or anything but I still found some amazing ideas just in case people are dying to know what's out there. 
Also, some of my favorite ways of telling everyone what we're having! 

I love both of these table setting! They are just to cute! 
I love the idea of having everyone vote for what they predict. Pretty sure I'll be doing this!
LOVE sharing the cravings, only my list is wings, wings and more wings! 

 I feel like the cake and balloons have been done by EVERYONE but I just have 
no other idea on how to do it. Pretty sure we are going with the balloons! 

3 weeks until we know what Baby W is! 


  1. I love the vote here one! Super cute and kinda more manly! LOL!!!! I wish I would of done this with both of my boys! Would of been fun!

  2. Love this idea! I always liked it but not for a shower idea, because what if you have a girl and everyone buys yellow, neutral stuff, ya know? But I love it as just a little gathering to announce the gender.

    My cousin did this a few weeks ago and let her neices and nephews open the box with the balloons and it was PRECIOUS! Their expressions were so funny.

    I also thought about the cake idea for when I do it but I'm so OCD that I thought "well when you take the knife out of the cake after the first slice you'd see what color the crumbs are before you pulled the slice out." Yes, I'm crazy lol...the moral of the story is, I love the balloon idea! I also saw on pinterest where they had buttons or stickers with a mustache or a pink bow and whatever people thought the baby was, they'd pick that button to wear. It was so cute! I am full of these ideas lol I guess I'm not an event planner for nothing!

  3. We did a little gender reveal party with just our immediate family and did the cake. I made it myself and dyed it blue. I loved hearing and seeing everyone's reaction when they saw blue cake!!
    I also told everyone to wear blue or pink based on what they thought we were having!!
    SOOOO much fun!
    I love that you're having it at the fro-yo place!
    Can't wait to see your pics from your party!

  4. I love this idea. I wish I could have another baby just to have a gender reveal party.

  5. I think this is such a cute idea. Are you going to find out at the ultrasound? I had a friend that had the tech write the gender on a piece of paper then put it in a sealed envelope. Then they gave the envelope to a baker, that way when they cut the cake even they didn't know what they were having. But you could just give it to a friend that you trust to keep the secret and have them bring the box with balloons that way no one would know. How cool! I am excited for you to do this party!

  6. Aww love the gender reveal. I bought gifts for my parents - inside the paper was either pink or blue - that is how we told them. Love all these ideas.

  7. Yay, it's almost here. So exciting!!!! Then you can start baby clothes shopping like crazy lol!!