28 November 2012

My Goodies: Blogger Swag Swap

I'm so so so excited Kassie hosted the November Blogger Swag Swap! 
My partner was Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer!
She has an amazing blog all about her getting fit and her love for running and cross fit! 
I'm really jealous she's doing cross fit because I have been DYING to try it but the nearest crossfit gym is an hour away! Boo to living in the country! Ugh I really am a city girl! 
Plus she has an adorable little girl!!! 
Anyways, I got my package last week and I'm just now getting around to post what FABULOUS things she got me! 
She did an amazing job and I want to say Thank you Courtney! I love love love everything you send me! 
Also I want to say sorry for the crappy photos I took like a MILLION and nothing would turn out good! 

Can't you tell why I'm so excited! This stuff is AMAZING! 
First off the Camelbak water bottle is the most amazing thing ever! 
I won't lie I totally already have one but I took it to work and ALWAYS forget to bring it home so I'm soooo excited to have one for my house so I can drink more water! You really should get one of these water bottles! They are amazing! 

I've already worn these socks because let's face it I live in the freezing cold Missouri! So they totally came in handy! (Thanks Courtney!) 
Also the hubs LOVES Clif bar so he claimed this was his but we will see about that. 
The softlips chapstick it seriously the most amazing stuff ever! I love this stuff! 
The nail polish that I realize you can barley freaking see in the photo (because I suck at taking picture) is going on my toes when I get my pedicure with my bestie next week! 

She gave my the cutest notebook ever that I've already started writing stuff down in. Mainly grocery list and non-food coupon items. I'm a little OCD and like to be really organized. 
Also these pens she sent are AMAZING! Really go to Wal-Mart and get some. Of course I've used them to write in my pretty little notebook! 
I got some really pretty bracelets that I'm wearing on my date tonight for my birthday! 
So thanks for the date night jewelry girl!  

Courtney! Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much for your swag swap bag! I loved every single thing you got me! 

Don't forget people to sign up for our Secret Santa Swap by December 2! 
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  1. Oh hooray! I'm so glad you liked it all! I was like a kid in a candy store looking for all things girly. haha. Can't wait to meet you... will it be before we are at the starting line of the HALF MARATHON?!

  2. I tried to email you to sign up but I'm not sure it worked :( Taber turner @ tabersubia1@gmail.com

  3. Yay!!! Love the swag swap! Happy Wednesday girl!

  4. oooooo fun goodies!!! love them all like I love your face!!!

  5. You got a great partner!! I love Courtney! :)

  6. Aww!!! This sounds so fun!!! I love Courtney's blog too!!! She's a sweetie!!! Looking forward to following along with your journey!!! New follower. Countingourcupcakes.blogspot.com