30 November 2012

Birthday Recap

So some of you know and some of you don't, Wednesday was my birthday! 
The hubs had some meetings Wednesday and Thursday in Columbia so I joined him for the ride and did some shopping while he sat in boring meetings. I went shopping!
I mean it was heaven shopping alone taking my time going into whatever store I wanted for how ever long I needed to be in there. Most stores I didn't buy anything but it was amazing! 

Also I got to each lunch alone, which for some reason was actually nice. Panera Bread is my new favorite place! It was the second time ever going and it was in the mall so it was easy. Plus is was my birthday so I said the hell with it I was going to eat something delicious and boy oh boy it was! 
Also, I guess they ask for your name when you eat there and it's so much easier for my to tell them Wever than Keyona, or so I thought. Told the lady Wever and she totally butchered it and spelled it Whiver... Crazy people. Good thing it was my maiden name... 

Hubs and I went out to eat at a local restaurant .. Not saying the name because frankly we weren't impressed. I mean my sandwich was good but the waitress sucked! Like big time. Nothing annoys me more than a crappy waitress. In fact she came to the table asked if we wanted more water Chris said yes then she simply filled my glass up and left our table. Chris' glass was still empty! Guess you don't get free refills if its not your birthday. 
Anyways, thank goodness Columbia has a Andy's. I mean it's probably the best place on earth and I REALLY wanted a treat! So we went there for the most amazing chocolate shake you will ever have! UGH SO GOOD! I thought Andy's only existed in Springfield but now I know there's one 2 hours closer! 

Oh and while shopping I REALLY considered buying this, mainly for my homegirl Megan because she was having a bad day. Then I realized I would have to A. Move in with her or B. just move to Dallas so I could use it all the time! 


Now if you saw these pictures on Instagram I'm sorry! :) 
Happy Friday People! ENJOY the weekend! 
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  1. Awwww you are so sweet, you can totally move in with me! That is if you don't' mind glitter because that crap is ALL OVER MY HOUSE PREMARITALLY.

    Ha! Sounds like your bday was perfect, I couldn't agree more, I think shopping alone is HEAVEN! That Panera looks amazingggggg!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Must be an only child thing to love shopping and eating alone. Sometimes I'd rather be alone than have company..But I'm a weirdo! lol...anyway glad you had a great day and hope you're doing well!

  3. Happy birthday!!! I LOVE Panera bread, so yummy! Have a great weekend :)

  4. Looks like you had the broccoli cheddar soup! Its my ALL time fav :) Happy belated girl!

  5. Happy belated Birthday lady! Glad you got your shop on!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Happy late birthday!!! :-) Ahhh I looove Panera!! tomato soup get in my BELLY!

  7. Missed ya girl!


  8. I love panera! I found a website with all the Weight Watchers pts for the food so it is easier to go there and not get off track.

    I love their Chicken Noodle Soup & Chicken Ceasar salad!

    I nominated you for an award :) http://uphillquest.blogspot.com/

  9. Hi Keyona, Wanted to let you know about the next 7-day green smoothie challenge :)


  10. I recently discovered your blog through the link up with Holly and thought you would be a great person to get the Liebster Award. So I nominated you on my page. It's a fun award that you can learn more about through my post. Hope you have fun with it!