22 October 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend was crazy busy! 
Friday Chris didn't have school so we hoped in the car and drove to see his grandma and watched a homecoming parade! 
This little kids were so stinking cute in it! 
Then that afternoon we jumped back in the car drove an hour to St. Joe to Chris' friend Jason's rehearsal dinner. We may have done some birthday shopping for me before that! Did I mention I'm spoiled and got my birthday present way early, birthday isn't until November 28!! Love my hubs! 
Anyways, I came home Friday night then headed back up to St. Joe Saturday for the wedding. My mother-in-law rode with me and we did some shopping before. 
We went to the Sam's Club and people probably thought we were crazy all dressed up and shopping at the Sam's! 
Jason and Callie's wedding was beautiful and it was the PERFECT day out for one! The hubs did a great job  with his best man duties. And the day just seemed to be perfect for the two of them. 
Also some friends from Springfield got married, Jon and Tiffany! 
We wish we could have been there but I know you're day was prefect too! 
So Congrats to all the weddings!!! 
Now for some pictures of the weekend!
And sorry if you've seen most of these on Instagram! I love posting pictures!!! 
Also a big thanks to everyone who made a comment on my Friday's post about me doing a 1/2 I think I'm going to do it!!!! 

Groom and Best Man.

Jason is one lucky man! 

Happy Couple! 


  1. YAY!!! You should do it for sure:) If I can do it - anyone can and it is a blast and such a great feeling at the end.

  2. How fun!!! Love your outfits!! :)