30 October 2012

Sponsors: Project Get to Blissdom

Well guys, I'm accepting Sponsors now! 
Honestly the money is going for my trip for Blissdom '13 in March.
I really wasn't planning on going but a lot of my blogging friends are going so I know I have to join the PAR-TAY! 
Man, I can be so cheesy sometimes! 
Anyways, Kassie was trying to convince me to go yesterday then when I asked the hubs if I could and he said he didn't care I knew it was a go!

So I will be offering sponsorship for $8/month. 
So if you would like to sponsor my page just email me at 
and then I will send you a invoice! 
Also I will be doing a Sponsor Spotlight once a week to introduce all my new sponsors! 

Right now I have about 200 hits per day and 
20,000 hits all time history. 
I mean this is helping you do a good deed! ;) 

So remember to email me @


  1. Why has no one tried to talk me in to going to Blissdom! Insert sad, pouty face!

    Also, I'd love to sponsor you! Email me, yo!

  2. This is awesome, girl!