18 October 2012

More Fall Styles...

So now that its fall and I'm going on girls trip in a few weeks
to meet some amazing people (more on this later).
I really feel like I need some new outfits! 
Really I need to impress these bitches and make it look like I know style.
I mean Pinterest is the prefect place to shop right? 
And because I have nothing else to chit-chat about today
I really wanted to share with you some other cute ideas I really want  need! 
I mean come on don't act like you're never on there because I know you are. 
I hope you enjoy. 
And I promise I will post more recipes next week. :) 

Have a wonderful Thursday!! 


  1. I love ALL the outfits you posted. We must have similar taste (i.e. great taste, right? lol)

    I too am a Pinterest addict. I find it makes shopping hard though, because I am always looking for specific things that I can never seem to find. In fact today, I'm on the hunt for maroon colored skinny pants on my lunch break. lol

  2. I love all of those outfits! I need some red skinny jeans in my life asap! I shamelessly copy pinterest too, why not utilize all of your resources?! I love a dress with tights and boots- fall favorite!

  3. I die!!! I love every single one of these and I can't wait to rock these looks with you!!!! and once again
    ... JEALY!!!