19 October 2012

High 5 for Friday

YAY! Its Friday again! 
Here's my top 5 for the week! 
Also link up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk

1. Hubby cupcakes I baked him! Recipe here. And they are Skinny!
2. Hubby's geekiness is rubbing off on me. My new bondi band.
3. New favorite smoothie! Click here for the recipe.
4. I kind of want to do this.. Freaks me out to do a 1/2 in 5 months, but I know some people doing it so maybe... 
5. Going to a wedding! My hubs bff (guys use that term right? :)) is getting married to an amazing girl!! 

Congrats Jason and Cally I know Saturday is going to be amazing and beautiful! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 



  1. Skinny cupcakes?!? They do exist .... Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. Wow - you're really into this green smoothie thing :P Way to go, friend!


  3. 5 months is more than enough time to get you 1/2 marathon ready! Do it!

  4. Your smoothie looks like, super duper tasty. Nom. As do the skinny cupcakes! Will definitely have to make those.

    Happy Friday!
    <3, Cai


  5. oh goodness the cupcake looks great! Gonna have to try that! The smoothie recipe looks delish as well!


  6. You can absolutely do a 1/2 in 5 months. And the great thing is there are tons of training programs online to help you out. Good luck.

    Visiting from high 5.