05 October 2012

High 5 for Friday!

Well guys its Friday! 
I'm more than excited but I've been sick this week with a nasty cold so I'm still trying to get over it!
Sick on a Friday = no fun! 
Plus there's a home football game tonight 
so there's no chance of me staying 
home to get better! :) 

Although I'm sick I still have 5 favorite things to share with my favorite people! 
Also link up with Lauren @ From my Grey Desk

1. KC Chiefs game with Springfield family!
2. Watching some baseball :)
3. Date night with the hubs at the LAST Royals game of the season
(Although we are HUGE Cardinal fans it was still fun!)
4. My new once a week treat! SO SO GOOD  
5. Running another 5k with my momma and Shelley on Sunday! 
Can you tell I love running ;-)
Have a fantastic weekend! 
Hopefully I will get over this sickness.

And lastly tell your hubby's all about my hubs blog! Dink Dishes
Its got cool guy stuff on there!


  1. I want that soda now.. dang you.. HA - Have a great weekend.

  2. Good luck on your 5k girl. You are killing it with all of these races!

  3. Have you tried kombucha? That would be a great sub for the soft drink :) Looks like you're having fun!!!


    1. Girl I'm Google searching that now because I'm a nerd and have no idea what it is! Hopefully I can find it somewhere in the good ol' state of Missouri!