31 October 2012

Foodie Penpal: October

So a few months ago I found a new blog called The Lean Green Bean. I fell in love with it! 
She has amazing recipes I know I can't wait to try!!! 
Not only does she have a great and amazing blog, Lindsey also host something called Foodie Penpal
Basically it's where you get paired with someone and send them some amazing food and some one different sends you some amazing stuff! 
The amazing lady that send me some awesome items was Elizabeth from Brooklyn, New York. 
Not only was I excited to be getting stuff from New York I knew this Foodie Penpal was an amazing idea I couldn't wait to participate in more!!! 
I sent a package to Sarah @ Sarah Makes Stuff  so make sure you go and check out what I sent her!
So now onto the items I got!!! 

Elizabeth sent a sweet letter explaining where she got everything! I loved that everything was from local shops in Brooklyn! 

This Salt Water Taffy was AMAZING!! 
I mean I love any kind of Salt Water Taffy but this was really good!!! 
Salty Caramel Apple, can't get any better than this! 
Chris loved this stuff too!! 

I won't lie I was a little worried when I got this. 
I was really really unsure on what I would use this for
BUT then my mom told me I should make a stir-fry with it. 
So I totally did and let me tell you it was AMAZING!! 

And finally this Spiced Beer Jelly is amazing on toast! 
I may have eaten then right away. 
It didn't last long! 

So thank you Elizabeth for you amazing items you sent me! 
I can't wait for my next box!!! 


  1. So cool! I'm definitely craving some salt water taffy now though!

  2. What a great box!!! I need some of that beer jelly, lol! :)

  3. Looks like you got a great box!! I've never even heard of that jelly before, it looks...interesting!!

  4. That's such an awesome idea! I love that..
    Salt Water Taffy.... drool.