07 October 2012

5k Review: Pink Laundry 5k

I did another 5k and it was amazing!!! 
My mom and cousin Shelley did this one too and I'm pretty sure it was the best run I've done so far. 
The course was very easy, no hills (yay!) and so fun! 
There were about 900+ people and a ton of little kids. 
They had a kids run and it was the cutest thing EVER! 
This morning when we left to head to the 5k it was 28 degrees! YES, 28 freaking degrees. 
I thought to myself "why in the heck am I doing this?" But once the race started, the sun was out and it was 33 degrees, (not much difference but a bit warmer) it was amazing and I remembered why I love running! 
Don't worry we all bundled up pretty well! 
We wore the heck out of pink which was amazing! 
This race is going on my calender for next year! I loved it!!!
Plus I need to add we rocked our outfits!!!!