06 September 2012

Tropical Green Smoothie

Ok ladies (and gents) it’s now day 4 of the 7-Day Challenge! I’ve had a green smoothie every day since September 3rd and I can honestly say they are becoming a favorite breakfast and snack! I’m definitely going to have one once a day for now on or at least try. J

They are so easy to made and so delicious. I’ve been in love with my Berry Green Smoothie but I knew I had to make a different flavor just for you guys so I made a fantastic Tropical Green Smoothie! I’m now in LOVE with this one! It has some of my favorite fruit in it plus some greens that you really can’t taste! Now to make it even more tropical you could add some coconut something in it but I really hate coconut so I didn’t. But go for it if you like it!

I really hope you’re doing this 7-day challenge. It’s probably the best challenge I’ve ever made myself do.
Remember I’m doing this with Katherine @ Real FoodRunner Blog. Her mom came up with an amazing phrase I want to share with everyone!

Oh it's so good
Organic, when possible
Health building

Her mom is very smart and that’s a GREAT way to describe a great, delicious tasting green smoothie!
Now on to my recipe!

Servings: 1
Total time: 10 minutes

§  ½ cup frozen mango
§  ¼ cup frozen sliced strawberries
§  ½ cup spinach
§  ½ cup pineapple
§  ½ cup orange juice
§  ½ tablespoon honey
§  ½ teaspoon chia seeds

1.       Place all ingredients in blender
2.       Blend until smooth
3.       ENJOY!!

NOTE: If using fresh fruit add ½ cup ice. 

Nutritional Information
1 smoothie
Calories: 228
Fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 59g
Protein: 2g
Sodium: 0mg


  1. Hey lady, where did you get your chia seeds?

    1. I got mine from my local Hy-Vee but I know some people order them off amazon... If you look at your local grocery store look in the organic/health food isle.