28 September 2012

High 5 for Friday

Well ya'll its FRIDAY!!!! 
Here's my top 5! 
Link up with Lauren @ From my Grey Desk 

1. Mexican food with the girls! (Cheat meal for the week)
2. My new favorite nail polish. Essie Smokin' hot
3. Truman :) 
4. Going to a KC Chiefs with some of our Springfield friends! 
5. Running another 5k with my momma and cousin Shelley Saturday. Woohoo!! 
Also check back Monday for my 5k review and pictures from the game!! :)

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Have a fabulous weekend lovelies! 


  1. THat mexican food looks delish! I might have to get some myself this weekend.

  2. Thought you would want to know about this So Delicious giveaway :)


  3. Um, I want your cheat meal, pronto. Muchas gracias. :)

  4. Ahh how do you talk yourself into spending 8.00+ for a itty bitty thing of nail polish? CUTE color though! :)