01 September 2012

End of Summertime

Well this weekend marks that summer if officially over. I’m sad, very sad I love summer. The BBQ’s, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, flowers, swimming, running outside, camping (although I don’t do much of this), concerts and the list goes on and on.

Now that I know you’re sad to see all these things go too I mean if you aren’t well then you are quit crazy in my option. Then again I’m so ready for all those NASTY freaking bugs to go where ever they travel to during the fall and winter months.

Chris and I spent most of the summer traveling. Seems like every weekend we were either in Kansas City or Springfield which was amazing. We love spending time with our friends. So sad we won’t be able to see anyone until after football season.

Although I’m sad to see it all leave I’m very excited to cook up some amazing fall recipes, go to Friday night football games, run some 5ks in cooler weather, host Thanksgiving dinner again and spend time with my bestie who’s have a baby girl in December!

I know most of you will be BBQ it up this weekend so I thought I would make a list of some of my favorite summer recipes I cooked up this summer! Have an amazing weekend everyone!!!

And a few pictures of my favorite summertime days! You know I wouldn’t do a post without pictures J

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