09 September 2012

5k review: Winey B!#%H 5k/10k

So lets talk about this 5k... 
Let's hope you are smart enough to know what the race name means. If not, well there just better not be a if not. This run was so fun, you got a nice t-shirt, a finisher medal PLUS two free glass of wine. I mean come on who doesn't want to have that as a prize. Let's just say it made for a great time. :) 
This race was AMAZING! My mom and cousin Shelley did it too. It was so fun and amazing to have them there. I couldn't be more proud of them. It was both their first one but they did great considering there were so many freaking hills. 
And I'm not talking about no baby hills that takes two steps to climb I'm talking monster hills you look up and know you are going to be dead by the end of it. 
The trail was mostly on the Winery's property which was crappy at first but I liked the challenge. I stayed with my mom the whole time it was fun doing it with her. Can't wait til our next one together. 
Now onto some pictures from the race and just pictures from the weekend! 
Have a fabulous Sunday! That's our fur baby Truman. :)