11 September 2012

30 Day Shred

So for 2 or so months I've debated wheather or not to do Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred. 
Well guys... I finally decided to do it. 
I mean I guess. 
I think.. 
Yes, I'm going to do it! (I think I can, I think I can)
I mean I started last Thursday then took Saturday and Sunday off then almost died yesterday. 
Yep, she's just as mean to me as she is to the contestants on The Biggest Loser. 
I sorta love her. I've been watching her on The Biggest Loser since her first season and I loved it. I really feel like I relate to those people. They are all wanting to change themselves and make better healthier choices. So I decided since I wasn't going to be on the show I would do the next best thing... 
Do one of her workout videos. 
I follow a few blogs that have done it and they seem to really love the results! 
The only bad thing I've heard about it is that people don't lose much weight which I won't lie scares the poo out of me BUT people do seem to lose tons in inches which is also something I need! 
I'm really looking forward to the next 27 days. 
I think...
There's 3 levels and today I did day 3 level 1. And if you are wondering yes I want to kick Jillian in the face. But in the nice way! 
I plan on doing this Monday-Friday so my 30 days will be October 17. 
I took my measurement and before pictures. I will totally share my measurement with you but the pictures not so much! 
So ladies wish me luck!! And join me with this 30 day challenge! I've never finished a challenge before (besides the 7-day Green Smoothie Challenge) so I'm really looking forward to this! 
Ugh I think...


  1. You can do it! I just finished last week and it felt great to actually follow through with it. My weight loss just stayed the same as it had been, but I was pretty impressed with the inches lost. I will do it again in the future!

  2. I've been going back and forth about starting myself and procrastinated until last night. I finally forced myself to do it. And I think I hate/love her. It was awful! But I did it. And I couldn't do all the reps and finish each exercise 100%, but I did it. You can do it! We'll be in this together. I think I will probably need to stay on Level 1 until I can complete each part though...

  3. You can totally do it! I did it and it was awesome Jillian totally kicks your a@" into gear!

  4. You can definitely do it! I got halfway done because life got in the way. But I am starting back up. WE CAN DO IT ;]

  5. You got this, girl! I loved level two the best, drenched in sweat, and soaking in the cool down. I finish on Thursday and I can tell a BIG difference-- just stick with it! :)