16 September 2012

10k: Plaza 10k

So let's talk about my first 10k... 
Goals: Don't die and don't come in last! So glad these goals were met! 

The hubs and I woke up at 4:30 a.m. so we could leave by 5 in order for me to make my 10k on time. Let's just say my hubs is AMAZING and gets a few extra brownie points! 
This was probably the 2 second biggest race I did. On Friday I heard there were 2500+ people registered then this morning a TON of people were doing there last minutes registration so I know there was more! 

6.2 miles... Wow I thought I could do it but I was scared to death I mean 3 miles comes pretty easy to me now so adding another 3 didn't seem like that big of a deal so I knew I could handle it. 
Really and truly it was the best feeling in the world crossing the finish line. I mean sure finishing a 5k is great but knowing I can push myself into 6+ miles felt amazing! I can't wait to maybe to a 1/2 next year. Maybe.

So the course was super amazing! Most of you have no idea what the Plaza is, to me its just a fancy shopping center Downtown Kansas city. I've only been there maybe once so it was so cool to run around the whole thing finding all kinds of neat looking shops! Not to mention a goal shopping place for when I loose all my weight! HELLO H&M! 
The course was pretty flat, mini hills every once in a while. No mountain like my last 5k. 
Really the only goal I had was to do it under 2 hours and I did! My time was 1:39 minutes! I was so happy! 
I can't wait to do this race again next year! Yes, you will see it on my calender! 
Now for some pictures! Remember its waaaaay to early so don't look at the crazy face! :) 


  1. When you come to STL to do a run, I want to run with you! That's amazing, Keyona! I hope you are so proud of yourself. :)

  2. That's so awsome! After I get a few more 5k's under my belt, I think I'll sign up for a 10k even though it scares me lol