29 August 2012

No Recipe: Just Rambling

So I don’t have a recipe for you all today, I know shame on me but don’t you worry I will have one tomorrow. 
Today I’m just going to ramble a little.

Yesterday I went for a run and the whole 30 minutes I was kicking myself in the butt because I haven’t went for a run in about 8 days. I forgot how amazing I feel afterwards.

My cousin in law is going to start teaching a fitness class at our local YMCA. It’s called Body Pump. I watched a video on YouTube and it looks pretty fun but very scary at the same time. I’m pretty excited though. I need to be doing something besides running.

I’ve been doing Zumba. My mom bought the DVD’s a few months ago and I may have stole a couple of the DVD’s and MAN are they crazy hard. I mean I used to be a dancer, ya know back in the day about 10 years ago BUUUUUT I really thought it would be a good and easy workout. Uh, not so much. It’s a great workout but it’s hard!

I know I said this already but Sunday was weight in day which I lost 2 pounds!!! I was down 40 but gained a few pounds back! BUT I’m down 32 pounds now which feels great!

I’ve really started to try this whole “clean eating” thing. I would say I do it about 80% of the time which I think it good for me considering 9 months ago the hubs and I used to eat out for almost EVERY meal. Ugh I know gross!

When I started this blog I couldn’t wait to try and cook new recipes and I can honestly say I love cooking now. Trust me there has been MANY times where I’ve screwed up dinner and had to just throw something together but I feel great since starting this blog in December and basically knowing notta about cooking but buying it from the freezer section and throwing it in the oven.

A couple of other things…
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  1. Hey, Keyona! You will love Body Pump. I think I did better in those Y classes because I was in front of people, so I couldn't just quit. I think you'll love it!

    I'm on my way to find you on instagram now!

  2. Body pump is an awsome class! I so wish that my current gym offered it. It's especially great if you find weight training boring because this hour long class flies by and you get a great workout :)

  3. I love body pump, too! Unfortunately the instructor at my gym just had to quit :(

    It's worth a shot at any rate!

    Also congrats on your Zumba weight loss! Isn;t Zumba great?!?

    Following you on Facebook & Instagram!! (I'm amyscookingadventures)