31 August 2012

High 5 for Friday

Guess what my lovely readers…
IT’S FRIDAY!!!! I’m so excited PLUS it’s a 3 day weekend I mean who doesn’t love an extra day for the weekend!!! So we aren’t hosing the blog hop recipe swap so I thought I would get back to my top 5 for Friday’s. but this time I will be linking up with one of my favorite blogs! Lauren @ From my Grey Desk. She's amazing ladies!  I’m pretty excited I love sharing my favorite things about my week with some of my favorite people!

1. Friday night football games. My hub is an assistant coach for the school he teaches at and really there’s nothing better in Missouri on a fall Friday night than a GREAT football game! Man I love this season… Probably a good reason why the hubs married me, I seem to love sportsJ. Although, it’s supposed to pour rain tonight because of hurricane Isaac I’m hoping is doesn’t start until after midnight.  

Picture from 2 years ago

2. Yesterday was Chris’ grandpa’s 75 birthday! I baked Skinny Cupcakes and brownies for him. Chris, his mom and I went to spend the evening with him. Yes, I made him blow out candles!

3. So Chris and I are in love with Son’s of Anarchy. I mean it’s nothing like what I would normally watch but I just can’t get enough of it. Tuesday season 4 came out so we rushed to Wal-Mart when he got off work to buy it and start watching it. Hoping we to get it done by next week so we can start season 5 on 9/11.

4. Last Friday was girls’ night for me and my friend Jess. We went to a free concert of the American Rejects. I like their music but I thought I wouldn’t know much. She is pretty much in love with them and it was free so I knew it would be a good concert. OMG they were UH-MAZING. Really I’ve been to a ton of concerts but they really know how to put on a show! J

5. Someone really wanted to test the Skinny Cupcakes to make sure my readers would love them…. Let’s just say they were a hit last night and they will be coming to you on Monday! J Maaaaybe tomorrow if you guys are lucky! 


  1. always love a fun girls night!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello! :)

  2. You guys are too cute and YAY for 100 followers!!!!!!!!

  3. SOA is such a good show! I also need to squeeze in all of season 4 before season 5 starts in a few weeks haha.