30 July 2012

Tips on Freezing Fruit

Its summertime and what better way to make your fresh fruit last all winter than to freeze it! I make smoothies all the time for either breakfast or a snack and I love using fresh fruit in them. I know soon there won’t be fresh summertime fruit in the next few months so I’ve been buying triple what I need and freezing what I don’t use. It’s a great way to use your locally grown fruits and make them last all winter.

When I bought cherries to make my Pistachio CherryCrisp I knew my husband would love a great cherry smoothie so I bought about 4 more pounds than I knew I needed. Also I think it’s cheaper this way. So go to your local farmer’s market and check out that fruit and get some to freeze! It’s super easy. Also another tip if you’re getting cherries make sure you have a cherry pitter because cutting them one by one to take the seeds out takes a long time. J

1.       Wash fruit and let it dry completely.
2.       Cut/dice into bite size pieces and remove any seeds.
3.       Place wax paper on baking sheet. Lay fruit evenly on baking sheet.
4.       Freeze about 3 hours then place in freezer safe ziplock bag.
5.       Enjoy next time you have a smoothie.


  1. I love this idea. It would be great for raspberries for me! <3

  2. Great idea!!! Thanks for the ideas :)