06 July 2012

Friday's Blog Hop

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!! I have been looking forward for this day all week! There’s a few reason’s
1, Hubs and I are going to a friend’s house this weekend in the city to stay. We haven’t seen them in forever.

2. I will be running in TWO 5k this weekend!!! SUPER EXCITED and wish me luck!!!

And last but not least I’m participating in my first ever Blog Hop sponsored by ABpetite. I’m sooo glad she thought of me to blog hop with her  so I want to say thank you to her! Also you guys NEED to check out these amazing ladies I’m doing the blog hop with! They are so friendly and have amazing blogs! So get your butt over to there blog’s!

Blog Hop Hosts

If you want to host your own blog hop go to ABpetite for details and rules!

Have an amazing weekend bloggers and friends! I will be back Monday with 5k reviews!!!! 

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