20 July 2012

Friday Blog Hop

Its Friday again!!! WOO-HOO!!!

So I know I haven’t been on here much like I sort of promised but hey it’s my vacation time and we’ve been super busy! I’m not looking forward to Sunday when we have to go home. :)


Well we are having another Blog Hop. Really this is so amazing! I got so many new followers from last week’s Blog Hop. I think it might be an every Friday thing!! Also you can join on in the fun if you would like! Go to ABpetite for more details and email mail her to be on our weekly Blog Hop.

Also check out my other amazing friends…

Also I’m running my 6th 5k Saturday so the review will be up hopefully Saturday afternoon. 

And I will be featured on the blog Love the Grows so please go there and check it out!! The post should be up Saturday!!


  1. Hi Keyona, I just love these Blog Hops and am also hosting with you guys:)

  2. I am loving and just learning about these Blog Hops! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ellen I got you added! And thanks Pammy they are an amazing way to get new followers!!!