12 July 2012

Friday Blog Hop

It’s Friday again!!! WOOHOO!

I will be in Springfield on vacation for the next 10 days but don’t worry I will still do some blog post just no recipes! But I have a TON of recipes lined up for when I get back home. Anyways, I’m running another 5k this Saturday and I’m hoping to beat my person record. So please pray for me. J

Also, since its Friday we are having another blog hop!!! This was such a great idea last time. It’s sponsored by ABpetite again. I’m sooo happy she included me and I feel like we are becoming great blogging friends! J You guys need to check out these other amazing ladies because their blogs are amazing!!!!

Blog Hop Hosts


  1. So pleased to be hosting with you and the team :)

  2. Hi Keyona! Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks for hosting. Now a follower.

  4. Hi There! I was lucky enough to find you through the Blog Hop and I love your blog! I only took a brief look around but look forward to checking out the rest.

    I'd love for you to check mine out as well-it's called "It's None of Your Fitness" (www.itsnoneofyourfitness.com) and it's basically a blog about my life as a single mom, raising 2 teenagers while trying to lose weight and get healthy after having a Kidney Transplant. Like I said, a real hodge podge lol

    I look forward to following you!