08 July 2012

Double Hitter 5k Review

Wow! What a busy weekend, but it was an amazing weekend! I told you all I would do a review on my TWO 5k’s I did this weekend! Yes, you heard right I pulled a double header and feel amazing! 

Saturday 5k- Puttin the Boot to ALS
This 5k was really fun and for an amazing cause. There were about 400 people there (which to me is normal). The only thing that was HORRIBLE was the 105 degree weather at 8am. So maybe it wasn’t quite that hot out right then but when I started running it sure felt like it. I couldn’t stop sweating! My amazing hubs stood there and waited for me the whole time! He’s so amazing! I didn’t beat my PR but I’m ok with that because it was so hot I didn’t want to push myself to hard. Maybe this weekend I will break it! Pray for me. J  

P.S. Sorry for the gross face I just needed another picture! Plus is shows how hot it was! 

Sunday 5k- All-Star Charity 5k
I’m soooo excited to live only an hour away from Kansas City. And the fact that the All Star games are here is amazing! This 5k was AMAZING! Not only for amazing causes but the All Star people and Kansas City did a great job on sitting everything up. Chris did this one with me manly because it was for the All Stars but I’m ok with that. We walked the whole thing (since Chris has a bad knee) which felt amazing since I just did one the day before. There were 8000+ people doing this one! YEA I KNOW 8000+ people!! The race started and I felt like EVERYONE was passing us but NOPE we were kind of in the middle of the crazy people! But it was amazing and the hubs had a great time! This by far has been my favorite race. And we can both check off our bucket list that we did a All-Star Charity 5k!!!
Plus we got this super amazing medal!!! 

We actually found Tiffany in all the crazy people! 

I’m SOO SOO proud of my hubby! 


  1. I am so proud of you girl great work!!

  2. This is such a great accomplishment. I'm so proud of you! ...and I'm proud of your hubby too :)

  3. Thanks girls!! You guys are sure amazing!! I can't wait for my next 5k this Saturday!!!