29 July 2012

5k Review

Yesterday I did a 5k in my hometown. We had a Dog Daze on the square. It was basically a dog show to help raise money for the local animal shelter. It was nice a cool and a very easy course. I think it was easy for me because I’m really used to the streets and knew there weren’t going to be many hills. There was just one hill but I knew it was there so I made myself run fast up it so I could get it done and out of the way. It was a great 70 degree morning!

Plus for more exciting news… I beat my PR again! I wasn’t really looking to do it this run I just wanted to take this one nice and slow and have fun with it but ended up taking 5 minutes of my personal record which was huge! AND I got 1st in my age group class. Ok, ok so I was the only person signed up in the age group BUT I did get a pretty medal saying I got 1st so I’m ok with that!

Also here are some yummy pictures I got some the Farmer’s Market. My in-laws have a garden and sell produce there every week. 


  1. You're becoming an iron woman. I'm so proud of you!

  2. WTG!! 76 is my family's favorite number (my husband's whole family used that on their race cars).