22 July 2012

5k Review & Vacation Pictures

I’m bbbbbaaaccck!!! I know, you all are sooo excited for me to be back! I mean I’m very happy to be home and I get to sleep in my own bed! Don’t get me wrong vacation was AMAZING but there’s nothing like being home.

So I know I told ya’ll I would post my 5k review Saturday after the race but I was extremely tired and it was so stinking hot out I didn’t so please forgive me. But I’m here now so be excited!

The run Saturday was great! It was in this little park down a few blocks from Missouri State and most of the run was shaded which was amazing but it was still freaking hot out! I ran slowly this run mainly because it was hot and I wasn’t going for a PR so I took my time and tried running most of it. I haven’t ran a whole 5k without any walking yet but I’m almost there. And it feels amazing.

Also this race was great because it was an all girl run. It was great!!! There were about 700 ladies doing it. 

My new running friends Tiffany introduced my too! 

And now for some vacation pictures! Enjoy!!

Yogurtini is the best frozen yogurt shop ever! That bowl equals ONLY 120 calories!! My kind of treat!!!

Also the Starbucks coffee I drank (a little too much of J) is Skinny Vanilla Latte. 120 calories

Nothing like going to the salad bar for a nice healthy dinner! P.S. Always remember to get your dressing on the side and dip.


  1. I am so proud of you! I love your motivation! It's very inspiring.

  2. I can only run 2 miles....Can't wait to be able to run a 5k too! You go girl! and great healthy choices on your trip! I struggled with that on my last trip!
    Keep it up,
    I love reading your blog for inspiration :)

  3. Looks like lots of fun!! That salad looks too yummy!