08 June 2012

Top 5 on Friday!

Hello Friday!! I know most of you are happy to see this day and probably have plans for the weekend. Like most people the hubs and I are usually busy in the summer traveling a lot to see our Springfield friends who are more like family. We try really hard during the school year (hubs is a teacher) to make it down there once a month but sometimes it just doesn't happen. We would love to live here someday but until then we will keep coming down here as much as we can!

We will be spending our loving weekend in Springfield with our AMAZING friends! But before our weekend gets started I wanted to share with you my Top 5 for the week!

1. Hubs and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary! We didn't do anything to special but it was just prefect for me. We went shopping and out to dinner. It was amazing! (can't believe it's already been a year, time flies!)

No that isn't from our wedding day I had a new one made :)

2. So I've been working out a lot more lately, mainly because Chris is home and we can both MAKE each other go and make sure we both do it. So I've been on the lookout for some nice looking but cheap workout clothing. Yes, I'm that girl that wants to wear something that's kind of cute to the gym SO WHAT! 
Well Monday when we went shopping I went to Old Navy (one of my favorite places) and found these amazing workout tanks that are CHEAP! I love them so much that yesterday I went back to the mall just to get 3 more. Yep I'm in love with them. They are light weight and dri-fit which is prefect for me because I sweat A LOT! 

3. I think anyone that truly knows me knows this one is a given! WE ARE IN SPRINGFIELD FOR THE WEEKEND! We get to see our amazing Springfield Family. I absolutely love this place its truly amazing. Not only the friendships we have here and Chris' brother is here but Springfield itself it pretty freaking amazing! One day we will be here mark my word!!!

4. I'm running my second 5k tomorrow. Its called Running of the Squirrels in Marionville, MO. One of my friends told me about this one and it totally sounds fun so I'll be waking up REALLY early to run my booty off. Okay, maybe run/walk but I'm hoping to beat my time from my first 5k. 

These are what the shirts look like. I know your are TOTALLY jealous.

5. Last but not least I finally get to meet our friends Abby and Jason's baby!!! She was born back in May and we haven't made it down yet to meet her. I'm soooo freaking excited I just love babies! 

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone! I know I will!!!! 

Enjoy a healthy happy life 


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