01 June 2012

Chicken Spice Rub

Summertime in my house equals tons of cooking on the grill. My hubby loves grilling just about anything. Our favorite right now is grilled turkey burgers but we love it all. For this recipe I wanted to do a chicken rub that would be delightful. I wanted something a little normal since Chris doesn’t like crazy tasting things. He’s kind of bland when it comes to food taste but I knew he would love this!

I did made a big batch and bought a spice shaker so I would have it all mixed and ready to go the next time we eat chicken. I’m always finding myself getting out about 8 different spices rubbing them on meat and forgetting the next time what I used. This time I won’t forget because it will already be done for me. If you’re a busy mom I highly recommend this. I just found the spice shaker at our local grocery store. I hope you enjoy this recipe and BBQ this weekend!

Servings: 5
Total time: 10 minutes

§  3 tablespoons sea salt
§  2 tablespoons garlic powder
§  2 tablespoons dried thyme
§  2 tablespoons crushed bay leaves
§  1 tablespoons fennel seed
§  ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
§  1 tablespoon paprika
§  1 tablespoon pepper

1.       Mix all ingredients together in bowl and place in spice shaker.
2.       Enjoy! 

Enjoy a healthy happy life J


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