01 April 2012

Pitter Pat 5k

Saturday I did my first ever 5k!!! I did it with a friend who was amazing and I recommend it if you are thinking about one for the first time. It was probably the most I’ve pushed myself mentally, physically and emotionally. I know some of you may be thinking 3.1 miles isn’t that much but to me it seemed like forever.  I only had one; ok maybe two goals and I broke them both. First one, finish it not dead last and second one was to finish under an hour and I did both! It was a great feeling!

The half mile was a little rough just because I was trying to find my pace and pass a ton of people and just into my routine but it went great from there. We did mostly walking/running which was prefect until about the last mile then we both had to pee so bad we could barely run the last .1 mile without feeling like we were peeing ourselves J. It’s something I can’t wait to do again. Thinking about doing one in another month!! Here are some pictures from the day!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

Rachel and I before the race 

Right before we started

 and were off...

trying to get around EVERYONE it seemed like! 

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