12 March 2012

True Lemon

I have another WONDERFUL grocery store find. I haven’t done one of these in a while and today while browsing the store (I love just walking around and looking at new things, crazy I know) I found something called True Lemon! It’s those packs you put in your bottled water for flavor. I wanted to try this brand so I bought it. It’s just like those off-brand or crystal light ones but True lemon brand is all natural and has no preservatives. I love that! I’m sure you will too! They have a ton of products and different flavors! They even have TEA!!! I love tea (like most people) but I hate making it.

I got the raspberry lemonade flavor for my water bottle and I 100% love it! It’s defiantly something I will be buying more of! I know you’re going to love this product. You must try it!! Check out their website and see all they have to offer. I know I’ll be drinking it a lot more J   

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Enjoy a healthy happy life

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