21 March 2012


Ok, so I’ve had a few people ask me to put some before and after pictures up… At first I’m not going to lie I was like hell no, I’m not where I want to be and I still look at myself at my before weight. I see changes but I don’t see them as much as others see them. Thanks to my amazing hubby who tells me he can see a difference all the time (mainly because I ask ALL the time). It really does make a difference to see in pictures just how many changes my body has after just losing 30 pounds. Yes, I still have 50 more pounds to go and I’m pretty excited but I can tell you after looking over some pictures I feel somkin’ hot now compared to my before pictures!

Remember this took some courage to put these up so be kind J Also, I hope you find this to be encouraging!  

Taking a picture of myself isn't easy so sorry it’s sorta bad! I’ll have hubs take some this weekend. J  


  1. Key,
    I can definately tell a difference! Way to go!! :)

  2. Wow well done girl!! That is awesome and you should definitely be very very proud of your achievement!! :D

  3. Good for you!! You look great!!

  4. You look incredible! Congrats on taking care of you, feeling better and looking great all at the same time :)