15 February 2012

Turkey Pepperoni

My husband LOVES pizza! I mean like he could eat it every single day kind of love for pizza. I don’t like it as much. I’ll eat it every once in a while but he wants it every night for dinner. So I decided I would try and make homemade pizza that’s way better for you than takeout pizza sometime this week. So when I was at the store I found these turkey pepperonis! WHO KNEWS! I had no idea they made such thing. Maybe they are new or I’m just out of the loop with this one. I was really excited I found these and wanted to try them. Of course my store just had the big bag and I almost didn’t get them but I did. Boy, am I glad I did!

I made some pizza roll ups (recipe to follow)

I made these for three reasons.
1.       To try these yummy turkey pepperonis (obvious reason!)  
2.       Make something pizza-like for the hubs
3.       Wanted something really easy to make for lunch Sunday.

These pepperonis are great and they are 70% LESS FAT. Now who doesn’t love that! Plus 17 slices are only 70 calories!  So next time you feel like making homemade pizza or something with pepperonis you sure totally try these. They taste just the same. My hubs had no idea until I told him.  I will defiantly be buying these from now on! I was so excited you know I had to share with you guys! Hope you enjoy!

Picture courtesy Google images

*Enjoy a healthy happy life 

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