29 February 2012


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I love, love, love grapes!!! Grapes have definitely become a staple fruit in my house. I know they can be really expensive sometimes but my trick is getting the smaller bags so you don’t waste a 2 pound bag. As most of you know my hubs doesn't eat grapes and there’s no rug rats kiddos running around our house yet so it’s just me eating these amazing grapes! I love freezing them about an hour or longer before eating them. They are like little Popsicle and oh so yummy!

Grapes are not only delish, they have a lot of health and nutritional benefits as well. Did you know that grapes have high content of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C.? Grapes not only have amazing vitamins we need every day but they are also good for fighting diseases.

The main four health benefits of grapes are heart disease, cancer, viruses and aging. These things are all health related factors we all worry about.  So next time you’re at the grocery store wondering which fruit you should pick up for you (and the kiddos) remember how good and beneficial grapes are for you! They have vitamins we all need and they help fight certain diseases and cancers! Why wouldn’t we be eating more of these? I hope you enjoyed my little lesson and go out and get you some grapes!!! I hope you go and get some this week and enjoy! Remember putting them in the freezer makes delish Popsicle-like grapes! 

Enjoy a healthy happy life J

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