25 January 2012


Last weekend my hubs and I went to the city to do a little shopping. We went to JC Penny and they were having this huge sale (like always) and anyone that knows me knows I LOVE shopping, especially when there’s a good sale now that I’m married and trying to be the good wife that doesn’t spend tons of money. J So anyways I was walking and looking at all the cute clothes but knew I didn’t want to buy anything because I’m still losing weight and I don’t want to waste any money, but I did get some new cute activewear.  I normally just wear some old t-shirt to workout in but I found some dri-fit shirts that were only $12 bucks! The colors I really wanted only had a size smaller than what I wear (what are the chances) left but I knew I would be in that size sometime soon and I’m always needing new activewear and really who can beat 12 bucks! So I deiced to get 3 of them. This morning I was getting ready for a run and thought I should try one on just to see how much further I needed to go to actually say I’ve lost 1 shirt size. I put the shirt on taking a deep breath, preparing myself to remember it’s going to be tight and that I haven’t gained so much weight that I couldn’t wear it anymore. As I slipped it over my head and pulled it down, I took one more DEEP breath and turned towards my standing mirror. OMG... SAY WHAT, I can wear this NOW and it’s even a little BIG! I haven’t said those words in soooo long I almost felt like crying but I was just screamed of excitement! Poor Truman (our pup) thought I was crazy!
I’ve only lost just a little more 10 pounds and I know I have a ways to go but to actually finally see in my clothing that I’m losing is a HUGE deal to me. It just gave me the reassurance that I’m doing the right thing and that I shouldn’t quit like I do every other time. I just wanted to share this with all of you in case you having a rough time and needed some extra boost to keep going.  I’m having such a wonderful day I thought I would share with everyone how my progress has been going! Have a wonderful evening!

Enjoy a healthy happy life J

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