04 December 2011

The intro of me

Well I’m sure everyone is wondering who I am and what this blog is really going to be about, so here it is.  I’m Keyona, a just married, 24 year old girl that is trying to get healthy, lose weight and continue my new love for cooking. I have been over weight almost my entire life and I have never really tried hard at losing weight or even just getting healthy. I’ve always tried some sort of “diet” while in high school and in my early college career and just never could stick with them because I would get bored with the food I was supposed to be eating and go back to my old ways. I feel like now is the time for me to make this change and I plan on finishing strong.
It started when I was moving out of my parent’s house and moving in with my husband and finding all my high school pictures and yearbooks. I remember setting down and looking at some photo albums and thinking “my goodness you’ve gained some weight since then.” I can remember when I was in high school thinking of myself as a bit big but compared to now I was probably my healthiest. I made a plan then that I would start working out and making healthier eating choices. I was planning a wedding, trying to make a new home feel “homey” and figure out how living with my fiancé (then) worked out and I just kept putting things on the back burner. Finally, about three months before the wedding Chris (my husband) and I got new memberships to a local gym and were determined to go at least 5 days a week. We wanted to look good for our upcoming wedding (best night of my life by the way). We were doing GREAT and I lost about 10 pounds in like 2 months without even changing my eating habits that much. I knew if I really concentrated on what I was eating and working out I could get off the extra weight I’ve always wanted gone. I knew then that it wasn’t just something I wanted to get done before the wedding; I wanted this to be a lifetime change. I wanted to be healthy wife and not have to worry about the risk I knew I was taking everyday just staying with my old habits.  But, soon it became two weeks before the wedding and I felt like every day I was running around with my head chopped off trying to do last minute things, not working out and  didn’t care about my eating. Our wedding day came and went and it was amazing. We went on a week-long honeymoon, came home and just never got back to working out or eating right.
About 2 weeks ago I decided to get on the scale to see if I was losing any weight, when I knew I hadn’t changed anything. I wasn’t working out or eating right. When I stepped on and saw that I weighed more than I have ever weighed in my life I knew I HAD to change and was ready to change my ways. I took a before picture and started reading about nutritional facts and healthy cooking. I was finding out a lot of information (I will share with you throughout my journey) that I couldn’t believe I never knew. I’m still learning day by day and I’m actually finding it really interesting.
I have decided to do this blog so I could help other people that are like me and haven’t really found it easy to make a change. I hope to share with you my journey of losing weight, working out and sharing new recipes. I will be making a menu plan every week and head to the grocery store. I do have a budget, and I know people think eating healthy has to be expensive and I hope I can prove you wrong. I’ve started working out again. I hope you enjoy reading something new from me almost every day!
Have an amazing day!

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