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30 June 2016

Bathroom Floor Remodel

We finally finished the bathroom floor I've been talking about!! I'm so excited and it looks soooo much better! 
Here's a little history about where we live. 
Six years ago my hubs was moving back home to start his student teaching and we had plans to move in together. I was already working at a salon making pretty good money. We had looked at a few places here and there but nothing we really liked. Then we finally picked a place and it didn't work out. Finally, we got word that Chris' cousin had just bought a house and was moving out of his grandpas house. We decided to move in and just stay a year. Well 1 college degree, a wedding and two baby girls later we are still here. I really love this house. Probably mostly because of the history. The hubs great-great-great-great grandparents built it. There's tons of work to be done on it (like the paneling in every room, yuck) but we are tackling little projects here and there. Which brings us to our bathroom floor remodel. 

Our bathroom is tiny. Its old and its just randomly build on because when they build this house they still used out-houses. But until we build on more bedrooms and a whole new bathroom we decided to change out the flooring because it was just gross and I hated it. 

We went to Lowe's more than once to look at what I like to call "easy peasy peel and stick." Sunday I made up my mind on two different colors online so we headed to town to see which color our store had. They had both... After about 20 minutes of going bath and fourth I finally picked out Stainmaster Harbor Slate. I mostly loved the color because I knew it wouldn't show dirt as much and the flooring I REALLY wanted was real tile and no in the budget right now. 

Monday morning Chris started ripping out the old flooring. I'm pretty sure 10 minutes in he already regretted ever wanting to do it. 

I HATED THIS SO MUCH!!!! I'm so so glad we went ahead and changed the flooring. I honestly didn't like people using my bathroom because of it. 

The hubs working hard! We did run into a few problems. I thought it was going to be like a 4 hour job. Apparently, Chris knew it would be a lot of work. Although I wasn't surprised when we ran into some set backs. We found some mold under all the flooring and sub-flooring. Which I guess with such an old home you can expect it. It took no time before the sub flooring was replaced but we were running out of day. It had been a 12 hour day already. So we decided to finish everything the next day. 

This peel-and-stick flooring was easy peasy! We laid out what piece would go where before actually peeling and sticking them. Our bathroom is TINY so it only took 16 pieces. The hardest part was cutting around the cabinet which you don't see in the picture. 

I'm so happy with my choice. I love the dark color. I'm hoping it won't show dirt as much. Its probably a color I won't choose when we build more on and build whole a new bathroom. I will probably choose real tile then but for now this stuff is amazing. Plus, it was way more budget friendly! 

28 June 2016

Strawberry, Banana and Peach Smoothie

Happy Tuesday everyone. Yesterday's post I talked about ripping out our old bathroom flooring. Well... we did just that yesterday and found some not so great stuff under our old flooring. Its been a way bigger project than I thought it would be but surprisingly the hubs said he knew it would take this much work. I honestly thought we would rip the old out and put new in within a few hours. Boy, was I wrong! But we are hoping to finish it today and if so I will hopefully post our before and afters on the blog this week. Until then, let's talk smoothies. 

Summertime smoothies are my favorite!! I really do enjoy a smoothie most mornings in the Spring and Summer. I get to where its to hot to cook plus it only takes a few minutes and I can drink it on the go. I have been making this strawberry+banana+peach recipe for a good week now and I'm loving it! I love getting fresh peaches from the farmers market, chopping them up to freeze them. They make the best smoothies. I usually buy my strawberries this way too but not a lot of people had them this year at my local farmers market. When that happens I buy a ton of organic strawberries when they go on sale, slice them and freeze them. 
I think smoothies are such a great and delicious breakfast. Add some protein powder of choice and you'll stay full for a while. There are so many different ways to make a smoothie. I'm always thinking of a new recipe and always looking them up on Pinterest. 
I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe. 

1 banana 
1/2 cup chopped strawberry 
1/2 cup peaches
1 1/4 cup water
1 cup spinach 
1 tablespoon chia seed 
1 scoop protein powder ( I use Vega-One Mixed Berry)

  1. Place ingredients in blender
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. ENJOY! 
What's your favorite breakfast?

27 June 2016

Mama Style: Fourth of July

Happy Monday friends!! 
The weekend came and went way to fast as usual. We didn't do hardly anything this weekend. Miss O was sick Friday and Saturday so we hung out at home letting her rest. By Sunday she was feeling much better so we went to my parents to see my mom for a bit. Yesterday was her birthday. 
We also made a trip to Lowes to pick out some new bathroom flooring. We moved into my hubs grandpas house 6 years ago and the bathroom flooring is in awful shape so we decided it was time to fix it. I plan on taking lots of pictures and hoping to write a post all about it this week. We have plans to start the project tomorrow. I'm pretty excited! 

For today's post I thought I would share with you some favorite outfits for Fourth of July! I love a cute outfit that isn't your typical Old Navy flag tank. But I did find this cute shirt from Old Navy! I think its perfect for the fourth! Totally ordered it, hoping it gets here in time. Pair it with some cute shorts and sandles and you've got yourself a cute outfit for the upcoming holiday. 


I can't wait for the Fourth this year! I think it will be a big hit with Miss O. She kind of liked the fireworks last year but I think she's really going to love it this year. I'm sure Syd won't love it but won't hate it. She's such an easy going girl. We will probably have a BBQ during the day and watch the fireworks a few blocks from the park again this year. The hubs and I do have plans to walk a 5k with the girls that morning too which I'm pretty excited about. I can't believe its almost July! Summer is going by so fast. 

What are your plans for the Fourth? 

20 June 2016

Weekend Fun

Wow, what another great and amazing weekend. These summer days are just flying by. I'm loving it but sometimes I wish time would slow down. 
This weekend was jam packed full with loads of fun. Friday we spent time at my parents farm where my mom has a pool. Miss O and I swam for a good hour. She is loving the water this year! She's a little fish in the pool. 
Saturday started off with Miss O's first dance recital. She's been taking ballet for the last 8 weeks and the teachers goal was just to get the girls in class on stage and not scared of performing. Well O didn't have a problem with that! She may not of done the dance perfectly but she's not shy at all!! It was the cutest thing ever! All the little girls out there dancing. I'm loving this stage of life. 
After the recital we all went out for ice cream then headed to my parents for some BBQ and pool time. We didn't get home until way past bedtimes but it was a great summer night! 
Sunday we had a great day celebrating the man of the house! We got breakfast, opened cards then watched golf. It was a nice and relaxing Father's day. He didn't want to do anything but watch golf. 
The weekends have been so busy since the hubs got out of school but we are loving it! 

01 June 2016

June Goals

Happy June!!!! I can't believe its June 1st. I know I probably say this every month but holy cow its summer! We all love summer here. Hubs is home from teaching, pool is open, lots of days spent outside and this year we've added a few fun trips in. 
June goals are easy and ones I know I will get done. Now, May goals... Well they didn't go as planned. May was such a busy and crazy month for us. We had a birthday, graduations, trip out of town and a wedding! I tried really hard to keep up with my goals but they just didn't get done. I did however manage to stick to my cleaning schedule! I still have no idea how I was able to but dang it felt good to stick to something for the whole month. 
I did kind of organize my bathroom closet. Its super tiny and I'm on the hunt for some baskets that actually hold things and are functional. Right now, I haven't found anything BUT I did clean it all out, got rid of expired crap and made it look nicer again. 
My goals this month are super easy and I'm pretty excited for this month! 

1. I make a goal like this every month. The miles are always different each month but I do love having this goal. It helps keep me active. This month I will be posting on instagram more and asking you all to join me in these 45 miles with the hashtag #MOMamaMiles. Join me this month by walking, running, crawling whatever you do to get 45 miles in for the month! I want to see all your post using the hashtag! 

2. I am making it a goal to organize a room in my house every month. My kitchen might take two months but I'm going to try and organize it. We have so much crap we've never used or haven't even seen since getting married. I really want to go through everything and keep the things I MUST HAVE. Like my coffee cup collections ;)

3.  We've been doing so good about cooking at home. I am loving all these new recipes we've been trying. I can't wait to share some with you this month. But I really want to get back into meal prepping veggies and fruits and our lunches. With the hubs being home I've finding myself having to actually think harder for lunch. I know meal prepping them will help this Mama's mind. 

4. This is a new goal for me. I've never been much of a reader. Let's face it sometimes I can barely get through reading a magazine let alone a book. But here lately when Sydney goes to bed a 7 we let Miss O stay up later (because its summer) and watch a movie and its super quite in the house which I have found to be the prefect time to read a book. I started reading NYPD Red by James Patterson and LOVE it but if you have a book that I just NEED to read let me know and I'll ask it to me list! 

5. Enjoy summer! Well folks the days are longer but it seems like the weeks get shorter. This is going to be an amazing summer and I want to enjoy every single bit of it. We have so many fun adventures for this month I can't wait.