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25 April 2016

Weekend Fun

Wow, what a weekend. It was a busy and fun one though! 
Our weekend really started Thursday it seemed like. Miss O had her first day of ballet. She seems to love it. Its so cute watching little 2 year old girls dance in their little ballerina outfits. 
Friday we did some errands around town then came home and was outside most of the day and evening. The hubs mowed, I strapped Syd to my back while I cleaned out some flower pots and Miss O helped me. Then we ended the night ordering pizza and playing outside in their play house. It was a great day! 

Saturday, I woke up met my mom and we went flower shopping. Originally we went to look for veggies to plant in my garden and ended up buying flowers for my pots. I did find a few vegetable plants I want to plant in my garden. 

Sunday we went to see my dad. Olivia and him usually have play dates on Sunday's since he's pretty busy during the week. My mom and him run their own business and he's a part time farmer so he's super busy this time of year. After they got done hanging out, we went back to our place so he could show me how to till a garden. I am having my first little garden this year and I'm super excited! I'm not planting much just the basics since I've never done it before. We shall see how good I am at keeping it alive. 

It was a great weekend. It was so nice out the entire weekend. I'm so ready for summer! 
How was your weekend?
Do you plant a garden?

26 March 2016

Weekly Meal Plan

Happy Easter everyone!!! I know most of you are going to church, having egg hunts and enjoying family time today. We are doing all of the above. I just love holidays when we get together with family. 
Anyways, I'm going to keep this short and sweet since it is a holiday but I wanted to leave you with what we'll be cooking up this week. 

Sunday 3/27: Easter dinner! 

Monday 3/28: Oven "Fried" Chicken and mashed cauliflower (recipe coming soon) 

Tuesday 3/29: Turkey Taco Salad and homemade black beans. 

Wednesday 3/30: Turkey burgers with sweet potato fries

Thursday: 3/31 Marinated Lemon Chicken with zucchini 

Friday 4/1: Date night/leftovers

Saturday 4/2: English muffin pizzas (recipe coming soon) 

What are you cooking this week?

22 March 2016

Sydney: 10 Months

I can't not believe in 2 very short months my baby girl will be 1. I might cry writing this post. 
Miss Syd is completely different from her Big Sister but she fits our family so well. I honestly don't remember what life was like with just Miss O. 
We are loving life and I love this stage so much! Sydney brings us so much joy. 

Sydney is crawling everywhere. She can walk around funiture and when were holding her hands. I know she'll be walking way before O ever started. 
Little Lady is what I call her. I mean she has about 50 nicknames by now. She's very shy and loves her Mama. She loves to play with Big Sister and loves watching her run around. Going for walks in the stroller has become a favorite now that the weather is nice again. She loves both of her grandpa's just like Olivia. There's something about those two guys that my daughters love. Minnie Mouse is probably her favorite character right now. I wonder if she'll love Paw Patrol like O. 

This girl LOVES food. Like really, really loves food. She knows when she's sitting in the high chair there better be some food coming her way. She's totally over baby food. Loves just about everything I give her to eat. 
Favorites are: green beans, eggs, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, strawberry and sweet potato.  She usually tries anything I put in front of her. 

Her favorite toys are anything that makes noise. She loves the Little People too. Girl loves napping and always falls asleep in the car. 

That's our little shy lady. We love her so much and can't wait to celebrate her birthday coming soon! 

21 March 2016

Weekend Fun

Monday already?! 
We had a very busy and fun weekend! With lots of new things! 
Friday started out great! The girls and I took off to Kansas City. I had a bunch of stuff to return to Party City and Kohls. Plus we made a stop at our favorite store Target! 
We didn't shop long. I mean as long as you can with an almost 1 and 2.5 year old. 

Saturday we woke up decided to go car shopping. My hubby had a truck that didn't fit our family of 4. I mean it barely fit our little family of 3 once a upon a time ago. It was just time to go look for something bigger. We still have our mini van but we needed something in case Chris needed to take the girls somewhere he could. He's been stuck at home without car seats and the van more times than I care to count. And let's face it I hated that truck! 
We went with a Ford Fusion. The price was amazing. Its a car that actually fits two car seats! Its a very nice car! We couldn't be happier. Plus, Chris can take the girls in it anytime he needs to. He won't be stuck at home if I'm out doing things! 

Saturday we also did a little furniture shopping. We've been needing to get Olivia a new twin bed for a long time now. She wants us to lay with her for a few minutes at bedtime. Laying on the floor next to a toddler bed just wasn't working anymore. So a twin bed was purchased. Then my mom saw a beautiful kitchen table she offered to get us. I've been looking for a new table for about 2 years now. I looked everywhere and just couldn't find anything I liked. My mom actually sent me a picture of this table and chairs and I KNEW its what I've been dreaming of! I'm so excited. We retired our table my hubs had in college. Its about 9 years old. I'm so excited to say goodbye to that table!  

Sunday we didn't do much. I went grocery shopping with Sydney and then we cleaned the house. Only for it to get destroyed 20 minutes later. Anyone else feel like its pointless to clean sometimes? Ok, glad its not just me. That pretty much wraps up our weekend. It was a busy and fabulous one. Even though we had snow flakes falling Saturday. I can't wait to see what this week brings us. Happy Monday friends!

15 March 2016

Easter Crafts

Wow, the weekend is already over with. It was a great weekend. I hosted a bridal shower for my bff Kendra Saturday morning. We had a brunch for her and it went great. Friday night we sat everything up and decorated. It always takes much longer to decorate than to take it all down. After the party was over I came home and fell asleep. I've been sick all weekend and was tired from the shower festivities I just passed out. Haha. Saturday night we went to my in-laws for a BBQ. My brother in-law was in town for the weekend. 
Sunday we didn't do much of anything. Both girls got our colds so we just stayed home and snuggled them. I did go to the grocery store to get something for at least dinner last night. I need to go back today and shop for the rest of the week. 

However, I did get to make a quick trip to our Dollar Tree for some fun Easter items! 

Now that Miss O is getting older, holidays have become even more fun than ever! About 6 months ago we got a new Dollar Tree and I always think they have cute fun holiday/seasonal crafts and decor. They have a ton of Easter stuff at my store so I decided to make a table center piece. 
I don't have a lot of Easter decorations. This is probably the first year where Miss O is understanding the Easter Bunny and everything the holiday is about. I couldn't wait to decorate this year. I know I want a few more decorations. I really need to go to Hobby Lobby.

But until I get to go there here's how I made my table center piece!  

What you need: 
Egg picks 
Mini Easter eggs
Dry foam (size that fits your bucket)
Easter grass

All you need to do it place the dry foam in the bottom of your bucket/basket, add flowers and egg picks that way you like. Then add your Easter grass to cover the foam and add a few mini eggs for a finishing touch. It was super easy and Miss O is loving it! It was less than $10 to make which is amazing because crafts can get so expensive. I hope you guys enjoyed this. 

I know its totally cheesy but my girls love it and I love doing this kind of things with them. 
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!