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12 February 2016

Friday Favorites

Oh my, ITS FRI-YAY!! I'm so excited for the weekend. Its been a long and cold week. We didn't get home from our Springfield trip until Monday evening and I've been super busy.  We don't have a lot of plans this weekend. The hubs and I are going on a date tonight for our Valentine's day. Since having kiddos we really don't go out on the actual day, so tonight we are doing a dinner and movie. We are going to see Deadpool. The hubs is super excited and I have no idea what this movie is super to be about other than its a comic book movie. 

Favorite Food: Paleo Taco Skillet. This looks amazing. I'm pretty excited to try this recipe, we don't eat 100% Paleo but I try to eat 80% clean and some recipes I try are Paleo. Plus, tacos are my favorite! I've learned to love them in a lettuce wrap. I can't wait to try these. 

Favorite Spring Shoe: Pretty Promenade Flat in Black. How cute are these shoes!!! I love, love them. They are something I would really never buy myself. But the price is hard to beat. These are going to be prefect for Spring. I'm not great with fashion but I think I might be able to pull these off. 

Favorite NEW Product: Systems Cleanse. If you don't already know I'm a It Works! Distributor and last week we just released a new product and I AM SO EXCITED! I really can't wait for this to come in. Everyone is saying its white pants approved Cleanse (hahaha) Plus, you can still eat real food while you're doing the Cleanse! 

Favorite Valentine Craft: Printable Valentines. I love these idea! I love giving kids something like this other than candy. Don't get my wrong Miss O gets candy but I feel like its not something she should get non-stop. And I love giving kiddos something they will actually use. Miss O will hopefully be helping me make these are her little buddies! 

Favorite Outfit: I just love this cute little outfit. I'm trying really hard to look less like a bum-kind-of-mom. I am almost always in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt. Even when grocery shopping. Here lately I've tried to actually put some thought into my look. I'm getting better. I need to be comfy so I can chase kiddos around and this looks like something I could wear. I mean anything with leggins is a win for me! 

11 February 2016

C25k: Week 1 & 2

Oh my goodness, I can't even believe its already Thursday 
We went to visit friends in Springfield and didn't get home until Monday evening. It was a wonderful weekend spending time with our friends, but this mama couldn't wait for her own bed. 
I guess that's a true sign of getting old right?

Anyways today I'm going to talk about my week 1 and 2 of couch to 5k. 
I'm on week 3 right now but I'll do an update next week when I'm starting week 4. 

Week 1: It went better than I thought. I probably haven't ran or any type of jogging in a year or longer. 
I was terrified I wouldn't be able to do the 60 seconds of jogging. But to my surprise it went rather well. 
Two of the three days I ran on the indoor track at my gym. One day I ran on the treadmill. 
I used to hate, hate, hate running on the treadmill but I kind of like it now. I feel like I can work on speed work that way. Which I know speed work isn't something I need to work on right now but I know its something runners work on to get faster. I already know I need to be a little faster. 

Week 2: Running 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes. I really thought I would struggle running 90 seconds. It just seems like a really long time. To my surprise it actually went really well.  All three days this week I ran on the treadmill. This week the indoor track was crazy busy so I felt like running on the treadmill, I would be out of everyone's way. It was a very good week for running. One day I was having a rough day. You know, kids were crazy at home, nothing was going right kind of day. I didn't want to go run but I did and it was probably the best run I've had in a while. I'm starting to look forward to running again. 

My first race is March 26th. I won't quite be done with the program. Its an eight week program and I'll be starting week 7 during the race. But I'm looking forward to the race. Chris will be done it with me. He will be mostly walking because of his bad leg. But I'm excited to see how good I actually do. 

Cheers to week 3. Updates coming next week! 

I hope everyone has a happy Thursday!! 

04 February 2016

Sydney: 8 Months

Its hard to believe my baby is almost 9 months now. I have no idea where time has gone. 
Our first 6 months were rough. She cried a lot, wanted to be held a lot. She was needy. Nothing like her big sis when she was a baby. Then we found out she had acid reflex which is why she was so needy. 
She grew out of it by month 7 and is happy as ever. 

She's the shy and sober one of the family. Its so crazy how different she is already from Miss O. Although, sometimes I wonder if when she starts talking, O will let her in on the conversations. 

Her favorites things right now are, jumping in her jumper, puffs, rolling on the floor, playing with books. 

Sydney 8 months:
Weight: 18.9
Height: 27 1/2 
Nicknames: Sis, Little Lady, Syd, Syd Boo
Milestones: feeding herself puffs, rolling around like crazy, finally started sleeping at least 6 hours straight, sits up on her own, loves riding in the front of shopping carts, loves "playtime" with Big Sis. 

She isn't quite crawling yet, she's almost there. Olivia wasn't crawling until almost 10 months so I'm not worried. She loves Mickey Mouse and loves watching the Minion movie with her big sis. Music is her favorite too! 

She's such a joy to our family. I thought at first we were crazy having kids so close together but now that she's older and getting more independent I'm loving the 22 month age gap. I have no idea if we will have more kids. Right now our family of four feels complete. 

Syd Boo we love you! 

How did you know you were done having kids?

01 February 2016

February Goals

Happy Monday!!! 
I can't believe its already another new month in 2016. We have so many things planned for this year. 
About 2 years ago, after having Miss O I started doing monthly goals. Goals I would set for myself, ones that I knew I could complete within a month. 
I used to give up on New Year's resolutions so quickly that I thought doing small monthly goals would be a lot easier. 

I loved doing them. Most months everything got checked off the list. Their might of been a few times where something didn't get 100% completed, but let's face it life throws curve balls every once in a while. 

Today I thought I would start sharing my monthly goals again. 
I don't have very big goals but I know  I can and will complete these by the end of the month. Perks to having an extra day this month! So crazy its leap year! I need to look for fun activites to celebrate leap year! Haha, ok back to my goals! 

1. I really think I can pull this one off. We're going to the gym once a day, I'm easily running almost 2 miles a day. So I'm thinking 35 will be easy! I'm hoping when it really started warming up outside I can get a lot more miles in. But for right now 35 is my goal. 

2. If you didn't know I am an It Works Distributor and I love it. Yes, I love the products and yes they all really do work. My team is on fire right now and I can't wait to help 2 more people with this amazing opportunity this month. This is a busy, busy season for It Works! and I love it. So if you want more information just email me! 

3. I've been doing great cooking at home. I've gotten down to cooking at least 4 miles at home. The other meals are using eating at my in-laws one night and 2 nights of leftover/whatever you can find. I really want to cook 6 meals a week this month. I usually eat leftovers for lunch anyways so I'm so worried about wasting food that doesn't get eaten in those 6 days. Cooking at home has really helped me lose almost 10 pounds in January! 

4. My biggest goal this year is to really organize my life. I'm just not organized at all. So this month I really want to tackle the laundry room. We just got a new washer and dryer and it just looks so awful in there with these pretty washer and dryer set. I will totally do a post on how I organized it. I've been pinning things left and right. I can't wait to actually tackle the room! 

5. Having two kiddos is hard. Plus staying home with them is hard too. I used to feel so guilty having "me" time but I'm starting to feel like its ok for me to just go and do something for just me. Most of the time its just running to the grocery store alone or taking bubble bath. I need to remember "me" time so I can be a better wife, mama and person. 

29 January 2016

Let's Talk Snacks

ITS FRIDAY!!!!!! I know you are super excited its Friday again! I know I am. 
We are having a sleepover tonight. Miss O's bff is sleeping over. We are pretty excited.
The hubs and I will also find out what its like having 3 kids. Haha. 
But until I give you an update on that lets talk snacks. 

Snacks. Everyone loves them but they aren't always the healthiest. 
Liv would snack all day if I let her. She would skip her meals and just eat snacks all day long. 
She does get two snack a day though. 

Most days she gets a snack between breakfast and lunch then another mid-afternoon snack before dinnertime. 
She has tons of favorite snacks but right now her favorite is Halos. And I love them too because they are super easy and fast to peel. She isn't the most patient when she's hungry. Then again, who is! 
So today's post I thought I would talk about some of our favorite healthy snacks we've been enjoying lately!

Favorite Healthy Snacks 

Whole Almonds
Dried Banana
Carrots & Hummas
Banana & Pb
Energy Bites (recipe coming soon)
Homemade Banana Bread Bars
Greek Yogurt Pops (recipe coming soon)
Trail Mix
Cheerio Bars (Recipe coming soon)
Yogurt Bark

Also my friends at Nuts.com put together this great little guide to help you get a healthy snack when your craving something not so healthy! 

These are all the snacks we are enjoying right now.  I know this summer will be filled with lots of smoothies and homemade ice cream pops as a snack. 
Also, here's a great page for healthy snacks you should check out. There are some great ideas on their too. 
We are simple girls. Most days a piece of fruit is snack of choice. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend! 

What's your favorite snack?
Do you have any plans for the weekend?